Full Grooms start at $85 for 25lbs and under but increases $10 every 25lbs but Scissor work takes extra time and the more coat you have to wash, brush out, and special style may increase base price.

-bath, blow out, style, sanitary clip, nail trim, ears cleaned, & colonge

Baths start at $70 for under 25lbs short hair like pitbull

-bath, blow out, nail trim, ears cleaned, & colonge

 (may vary depending on length of coat)

Upgrades $8-$20

-nail grind, teeth brush, blueberry facial, upgraded shampoo or conditioner, glands, & creative touch

Extra Fee's: Travel Feed or Handling fee or Dematt fee or sprecial shampoo sit time

-depends on miles & minutes/aggressiveness or behavior problems that take extra time/depends on time it takes to dematt and extra product used

There is a $40 deposit fee for each dog's appointment & give 48 hours notice for cancellations

send to a friend with your name & if you use credit or debit then it's $40

Paypal: Send to furdeleashgrooming@gmail.com

Venmo: Brandi Cooper @furdeleashgrooming

Tips are always appreciated :)