Fur-de-Leash mobile dog grooming provides the best care for your pet!

About me

I have always had a passion for animals and practiced grooming before attending college... which I enrolled to study as a veterinarian technician. Upon graduation, I discovered that most animals seem to like the groomer more than the nurse, and it's a lot more fun styling hair while playing with happy pets.  Helping senior furbabies, or those with special needs or allergies is all part the fun. So, I made the choice to groom full-time to help my furry friend's and their owners. 


Some of the different services I provide includes, but not limited to... baths, blow outs, brush out, hair styling, full grooming, sanitary clip, nail trim, file nails short & smooth, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, express anal glands, splash of cologne, bows, bandana, touch of bling, polish nails, blueberry facials and possibly a touch of color for fun if your pup allows.
I'll leave your pet feeling fresh and ready for any event.  The best part is... your companion doesn't need to stay at the groomer's facility all day, or in a cage.  With the purchase a wonderful grooming van,  I no longer have to come inside the home to groom.  However, I may (at times) need to attach two extension cords to two separate 20 amp outlets on separate circuits. I always find what I need:) 

Contact (TEXT ONLY) 

Brandi:  (504) 717-1569


Graduate of Delgado Community College Veterinary Technician Program 2009

Graduate of Angel's Grooming Academy December 2010 

Grooming Seminars Attended: Atlanta Pet Fair 2016, Mardi Gras Expo 2015-2018,  2016 Houston Dog Show, Dallas 2016, Superzoo 2017, Atlanta Pet Fair 2022, and so many more continuing education seminars I can't remember them all over the years. LOL :)

Seminars focus: Breed standard grooming, animal behavior, canine massage, therapeutic properties of water, skin & coat conditions, hand strip, cat grooming, cat behavior, dog behavior, working with senior dogs, scissor techniques, Asian fusion, mobile grooming, and my favorite... creative grooming. These are few of many many more!


"Layla always looked her best for any occasion and was treated like the princess she is.  After finding Fur-de-Leash, I will never take her anywhere else!" -- Emily, Metairie

"I can't believe you were able to groom Rocky and cut his nails. Thank you so much for taking extra time with him so he never has to be sedated again." -- Johnathan, Jefferson